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 About us


D.A.M. Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience in providing services in the field of design printed circuits according to the client's requirements, meeting mechanical and electrical demands. D.A.M. specializes in planning and design printed circuits using various computerized systems.

Our designers are highly knowledgeable in the field of electronics and experienced in design circuits of different types and are therefore able to support our clients from the beginning of the project to its end.

The Company's offices are located in MATAM, at the heart of the hi-tech zone in the north of Israel.

D.A.M. has vast areas of specialization, such as Hi speed designs, digital and analogue design, double/multi layered RF design, high-density SMT circuits, BGA and micro BGA, flex-rigid circuit and high speed design.


Security and Secrecy

We are committed to protecting the client's material fully and to maintain complete secrecy.

Also, the client's details are saved and are not transmitted to another party, under any circumstances.

about us




D.A.M. Ltd.   l   MATAM Haifa, Israel   l  Tel: +972 4 8503503/4   l   Fax: +972 57 7974945  l  EMail:alex@dam.co.il

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