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Circuits made by different production technologies


Conventional (T.H/SMT)
Blind/Buried vias
Micro vias (Laser)
Component types (Fine/Micro BGA)


  • Communication circuits – USB-ETHERNET.
  • High Speed and Signal Integrity Frequency Design.
  • Control Impedance – Signal Delay requirements.
  • Differential – Shielded Signals.



The editing process has several stages

1. Receipt of all the material from the client.

2. Location of the components on the circuit (placement) – subject to the client's approval.

3. Wiring the board up to the client's approval.

4. Compatibility tests of the edited circuit against the resulting Net List. Production of Gerber files + All production data.

5. Finally… sending the production files to the client/ manufacturer.


Preparing a Product Portfolio


At the end of the design process, a product portfolio is prepared, which includes: Gerber files – for pcb manufacturer. Assembly files for assembly House ,includes: Pasta files, Component location files – for automatic placement of SMT components. Assembly drawing – for the pcb assembly.


Circuit Production


D.A.M. Ltd. is capable of supplying solutions for prototype production and panelization for mass production of all types of circuits and according to the customer's requirements. The Company is connected with suppliers in Israel and abroad, through which it obtains the best product at the cheapest price.


D.A.M. Ltd.   l   MATAM Haifa, Israel   l  Tel: +972 4 8503503/4   l   Fax: +972 57 7974945  l  EMail:alex@dam.co.il

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